Bowling lanes installation for professionals and Individuals

The most efficient and appropriate solution for your 
Leisure Center 

We are working with IMPLY and his RED Bowling.
Take advantage of latest innvotations to surprise your customers with
Touch-Screen, Led Lanes, Smartphone Software

Personnalize the Bowling Café

Customizable Bowling Lanes 
For your structure

Our solutions of Bowling Café ' and Mini-Bowling you allow bowling lanes to be installed in smaller area, and continue to attract new customers.

Enjoy the best technology with Imply Bowling

Enjoy the Red Bowling Technologies for your home installation, we can customize the lenght of your lane !

Many individuals contact us for the installation of Bowling at Home dans leurs résidences principales ou villas de vacances.

Faire une piste de bowling chez soi ? C’est possible ! Nos équipes se déplacent dans les pays Francophones pour l’installation et la mise en place des pistes de Contact us !

Why choose Neoloisirs and Red Bowling Imply for your project?

Custom Lanes

Customize the length of the track if you don't have enough spaces! LEDs and panels decorate your lanes! Choose your design and colors

Innovative Bowling

Installations combined with high-performance software that is constantly improving. Take advantage of the latest bowling technologies for your installation!

reliable equipment

The new RED Bowing is designed to be even more efficient than the previous Green Bowling, with its new Pin system!

Best design

The new RED Bowling offers a visible ball return between the lanes, an interactive LED terminal, and a lot of customizations!


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