Discover the most appropriate solution for your 
leisure bowling center

We are working with IMPLY and his Green Bowling.
Take advantage of latest innvotations to surprise your customers with
Led Lanes, Smartphone Interface, Touchscreen ...


Adapt the bowling to your facility

Our solutions of Bowling Café ' and Mini-Bowling  allow you to install bowling lanes in narrow locations and continue to attract new customers, hotel, bar ... Take advantage of Green Bowling new technology in reduced format.


Choose to join Metropolis Network and take advantage of our support 

The Metropolis network currently has 7 centers in France, with 2 concepts.

 METROPOLIS BOWLING-LASERthe original concept of the group, with its futuristic atmosphere, including Bowling & Laser and bar.

METROPOLIS FUN PARCBowling, Laser Game, Trampoline, Roller, for facilities with more space.


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